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We increase the efficiency of business and decrease costs for IT operation.

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  • Project Title #1

    Contract Management in Erste Group

    ORBIT provides Erste Group with coordination of licence deliveries under VMware ELA contracts.

    Thanks to the ORBIT participation Erste Group saves time, money and it has secured the proper licencing of the VMware environment.

    Contract Management in Erste Group
  • Project Title #1

    The most successful IT project in Romania

    ORBIT became a part of the most successful IT virtualization project in Romania.

    The project is a part of global implementation of virtualization technology driven by Société Général competency center which we helped to build.

    The most successful IT project in Romania
  • Project Title #1

    Data center migration

    ORBIT has completed the strategic project of Česká pojišťovna - data center migration from the Czech Republic to Italy.

    ORBIT became part of the client’s in-house team and saved the company an estimated 100 million euros with the successful implementation of this project.

    Data center migration
  • Project Title #1

    Gondolier - Communication Strategy

    The Generali Group has reallocated the data centers of all parts of the holding company to Italy in 2015 - 2016. ORBIT is part of this project.

    ORBIT and Generali jointly identified the need to communicate this radical change to the users. The need to get all of the IT users involved.

    Gondolier - Communication Strategy
  • Project Title #1

    Flexible Workplace Study

    ČSOB will obtain information to make strategic decisions regarding the delivery of desktops and applications.

    The study will be carried out in a manner which corresponds to the goals of the bank’s new IT strategy, expressed by the motto “IT is business and business is IT”.

    Flexible working
  • Project Title #1

    Endpoint virtualization

    Česká Spořitelna has completed the endpoint virtualization project - the most significant strategic project of 2013.

    Endpoint virtualization
  • Project Title #1

    Building a Competency Center

    The Societe Generale Competence Center will provide consolidation for 100,000 end-stations in 40 countries in Central, Eastern Europe and Africa.

    The Centre follows on the successful local project for the virtualisation of end-stations in the KB branch network, which improved the bank’s ability to quickly respond to client needs and reduce IT operating costs.

    Building a Competency Center
  • Project Title #1

    Central application delivery

    Workers at Česká Pojišťovna freely access company applications whenever they want, wherever they are from any device.

    Over 5,000 commercial representatives provide banking services in real time. IT delivers its services and applications to any mobile device.

    Project Title #1
  • Project Title #1

    Virtualisation of data and applications

    Employees of Komerční banka can make full use of company applications whenever they want, wherever they are and from any device.

    After completion of the project in the Czech Republic, the solution which was evaluated in an extremely positive light, is also being rolled out to branches of Société Générale in the region of Central and Eastern Europe.

    Project Title #2
  • Project Title #1

    The concept of virtualisation and consolidation

    Raiffeisenbank is to gain independent analysis of alternatives for development of IT as a basis for making a decision on future investments.

    Comprehensive analysis of possible alternatives for consolidation and virtualisation of IT will affect the operations of Raiffeisenbank for the period of the following sixty months.

    Project Title #3
  • Project Title #1

    Consolidation and centralisation of applications

    Centrally stored data and applications of GE Money Bank are a guarantee of constant availability of banking systems.

    Innovation based on the philosophy of centralisation and consolidation of IT resources represents and effective alternative to costly maintenance of an architecture which is conceptually obsolete.

    Project Title #4
  • Project Title #1

    Server infrastructure innovation

    The server infrastructure of the OLMA dairy supports the company’s growth strategy, operational stability and provides savings.

    Virtualisation of the server infrastructure led to a decrease in total cost of ownership of information technologies, an increase in their availability, IT services are delivered to employees in a convenient manner.

    Project Title #5

Our Clients

What we do

We build bridges between business and IT.
Have a look at our products.

Our approach

We inspire clients to implement technological changes which improve the efficiency of their business. We familiarise them with the benefits of virtualisation and help them to promote the idea of this.

We educate customers in order for them to further develop our solutions and gain the maximum value for their business. We share knowledge from extremely wide-ranging application delivery projects in Central and Eastern Europe with them.

We supply reliable solutions from respected global producers. Using our experience, we enhance them with our in-house software and hardware platforms.

Technology partners

About the company

Linking of people, business and technology

Clients of have been praising the original approach, consistency, integrity and enthusiasm for great challenges of ORBIT for over 25 years now.

We are a Central European leader in establishing competency centers, virtualisation of IT resources, consolidation of data centres and delivery of applications. We spread the philosophy of free access to applications, business mobility and cloud computing. Our solutions are used by clients in the Czech Republic, in Slovakia,in Slovenia, in Serbia, in Croatia, in Romania, in Bulgaria, in Russia and in other countries.

The essence of our approach is thorough specialisation and a perfect understanding of the ambitions of our clients. We have been concentrating on the field of virtualisation for a long time. We implement extensive projects and systematically project the experience we gain into development of our in-house 160+ Methodology. This concentrates the know-how of ORBIT gained over the course of twenty five years on hundreds of projects and creates the backbone of all projects implemented.

We rely on three pillars. A top-level and stable team of loyal specialists, the tried and tested technology of Citrix, Microsoft, VMware and CiRBA and the nationwide 160+ Methodology for management of integration projects. We also develop our own software platforms which suitably enhance the products of global producers.

The centre of activity of ORBIT is the Czech Republic where the core of the consultation and technical team is based.

ORBIT in dates

We are migrating datacenters of Generali Group from Czech Republic to Italy (14.000 users, 1.300 servers). We are the iniciator and supplier of project´s communication strategy.
We are introducing a unique solution for virtualization of 3D graphic tools CAD/CAM.
We deliver the largest virtualisation project in Central Europe for ERSTE.
A contractual obligation to achieve a return on investment becomes part of our offer. We introduce methodology for calculation of commercial income from the solutions we supply.
We gain the status of the most successful partner of Citrix in Eastern Europe.
We are the first company in the Czech Republic to gain Gold Citrix Solution Network Partner authorisation.
We found ORBIT.

Management Team


Join a team which combines a commercial approach, great ambition,
a longing for adventure, the need for freedom and faith in human decency. Are you an experienced professional? Participate in large international projects with us. We are also open to beginners with enthusiasm for the field, clear vision, confidence, humility and a desire to learn.

What are the values we live here, how does the workspace look like and how does it work with us you can see at the ORBIT profile on the Company Culture Market.

You can see the ORBIT´s daily life and its people.

  • ~ Influence the everyday lives of tens of thousands of people with your work. ~

  • ~ Be in contact with modern technologies in a company which is at the pinnacle of the market. ~

  • ~ Experience the dynamics of a customer-orientated company which adapts flexibly to a changing market. ~

  • ~ Gain space for self fulfilment and professional and personal development. ~

  • ~ Join a closely cooperating team of specialists who learn from each other. ~

  • ~ Do things your way, change procedures, influence decision-making and the direction of the whole company. ~

  • ~ Be responsible and gain trust and competence in return for that. ~

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