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We can turn the workplace in any company into a "flexible workplace".

single desktop
accessible from anywhere

A virtual workplace cannot work without endpoint virtualization. Connect to your desktop anytime, anywhere.

  • Virtual desktop/applications
  • Any device (laptop, PC, tablet, smartphone…) and OS
  • Access rights automation
  • Low connectivity requirements
  • Up to 70 % time saving on administration
Endpoint Virtualization | ORBIT
3D Workplace – workstation to go | ORBIT

Workstation performance
packed for travel

3D Workplace with NVIDIA acceleration meets the demands of modern multimedia, CAD applications and the most demanding designers.

  • Full workstation performance available anywhere
  • Graphical acceleration of CAx applications, computing tasks and simulations
  • 2× longer moral life
  • Dynamic power distribution
  • NVIDIA CUDA Performance

in the online world

Secure application delivery is not a privilege, but a necessity. By deploying proven solutions, we protect your work accounts, applications and data.

  • Multifactor authentication
  • Automatic device, location and user detection
  • Web application firewall
  • Proprietary access gateway
  • Automatic detection of incidents and anomalies
Secure application delivery | ORBIT

Various devices,
Same and uniform care

Central endpoint management makes your business easier, whether you're building a BYOD policy or not.

  • Microsoft, Apple, Google, Linux platform management
  • Preventive measures against sensitive data leakage
  • Bulk deployment, patching, upgrades
  • Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM)

Thinking about an endpoint strategy?

I’ve been working at ORBIT since the beginning of 2018 and right from the start I’ve gotten fully on board with CAD application delivery projects. Gradually I expanded my competences and became an expert in the virtual workplace, i.e. in the issue of user devices and access to infrastructure.

Together we will find a solution for you. All I have to do is:

Petr Čuda
virtual workplace specialist
Petr Čuda | ORBIT


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