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How was "Cloud Forum 2019: Myths and Facts"? Here are the facts

On November 20, it was said repeatedly: joining the Cloud requires the company to have the courage to undergo a certain cultural change. Because the club environment of Prague's JazzDock is conducive to cultural change, the first ORBIT Cloud Forum 2019 showed participants what it takes to muster the courage.

Cloud Forum 2019 | ORBIT


Four speakers shared their know-how at the forum. Martin Gavanda (LinkedIn) s Vít Grossman (LinkedIn) from ORBIT pointed out that Cloud is a good servant but a bad master. And that the meaningfulness of its deployment varies from company to company. They described, when to go to the Cloudhow to proceed and what to watch out for. (Except... they didn't watch out for the time limit :-))

Lukas Klášterský (Group CTO Governance Erste Group, former CIO of Česká pojišt'ovna | LinkedIn) then embarked on a precise analysis. Which steps need to be mastered both on the road to Agile IT and in the proper adoption of the Cloud, which can become a competitive advantage?

A Petr Benes (6D, ex-CIO of Česká spořitelna and GE Money bank | LinkedIn) explained what motivated the migration of the collaboration platform to the Cloud in a large bank environment. He described the risks and pitfalls that had to be dealt with and the cultural impact of this pioneering move on the company's operations.


To successfully transition to the Cloud, it is simply essential that corporate IT is healthy and working well with all its historical legacy. Even so, the Cloud Journey is challenging. It requires careful preparation, an experienced guide and cultural transformation the inner workings of the company.

Judging by the reactions after the event, each of the presentations found its audience. This was evident in the unexpectedly substantive final discussion without sharp clashes of opinion. We were on board JazzDock on the same boat.

We are glad if we managed to dispel at least part of the clouds of questions and myths associated with stepping into the Cloud. Whatever stage you find yourself at on this journey, we at ORBIT are ready to help you at any time. offer a helping hand.

Thank you for Cloud Forum 2019 and we look forward to seeing you next year... or the year after.


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