IT consolidation

From optimisation to digital resilience to governance and IT transformation programmes

We are not just experts in IT infrastructure design. We reliably guide customers through any change in their IT environment: migration, optimization, by integrating innovative technologies or by strengthening digital resilience. In all cases, we will set up rules, processes and IT governance so that IT consolidation enables digital excellence.



  • Status analysis, threat prioritization, asset criticality and recovery methods
  • Development of methodologies, DR plans and BCM procedures
  • Verification of procedures, technologies including PoC
  • Optimizing
  • Resilience management, implementation and testing
  • DR tool TaskControl

We test and continuously improve IT resilience

and migration

  • Pre-change mapping in on-premise and cloud
  • Creation of solution options and preferred scenarios
  • Preparation of a detailed migration scenario including tests before and after the change
  • Process optimization and adoption of change
  • Migration management

We will guide you through the change in the data centre and in the cloud


  • Setting the rules,
    relationships and processes for adopting change
  • Development and changes to the traffic and safety model
    and governance
  • Setup and optimization of IT asset management in CMDB
  • Cost benefit analysis
  • Rigthsizing a staffing change

We adopt IT management for big and small changes


  • Planning and managing strategic and major change programmes
  • Organisation and phasing of activities, streams and projects
  • Managing risk and finding the critical path to success
  • Programme budget management including optimisation
  • Reporting, managing stakeholder expectations

We will guide you through comprehensive programmes

During your IT consolidation: 

  • Map the digital resilience of your IT and improve it with a practical roadmap
  • you will define practical IT recovery methodologies for current risks, then rehearse and test
  • modernise your data centres by consolidating or using the cloud AWSAzure
  • learn the rules of IT management and security for on-premise and cloud
  • adapt processes, human resources and budgets for the future of IT
  • get proven guides for small and large change projects
IT consolidation | ORBIT


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Cloud technologies are the cornerstone of digital transformation. They help companies innovate and meet the ever-changing expectations of businesses and of customers. However, migration to the cloud can be more challenging and take longer than originally planned. Wherever you are on your journey, ORBIT's cloud specialists will enable you to take full advantage of the benefits the cloud provides.

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