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Don't Miss Cloud Forum 2019: Myths and Facts

Cloud. A word that evokes conflicting emotions across companies. A service received with enthusiasm, distrust and sometimes exaggerated expectations. Do you already have an opinion, or are you still forming one? Cloud Forum 2019 will help you solidify it.

Cloud Forum 2019 | ORBIT

Take the opportunity to share your experiences, ask the right questions and most importantly gain valuable know-how about the joys and sorrows of the "journey to the cloud" from those most in authority: Peter Benes (6D, ex-CIO of Česká spořitelna and Moneta), Lukáš Klášterský (Erste Group, former CIO of Česká pojišt'ovna) and ORBIT specialists.


will take place on November 20, 13:30-17:30 in Prague in the stylish JazzDock (Janáčkovo nábřeží 2 - embankment, Prague 5). Will you be among the guests?


Cloudy delights and Passions

Cloud is a good servant, but an evil master. The conditions and The meaningfulness of its deployment varies from company to company. The widespread myths obscure important facts to watch out for! Let's ask the questions. when not)? How to proceed? How to calculate everything? What to watch out for? A how do we even enforce all this?
They will come to advise you Vit Grossmann a Martin Gavandawho experience the joys and sorrows of the cloud with their valued customers.

How to Survive the Cloud?

There are many challenges on the road to ideal and agile IT. The cloud, coupled with the multi-speed style of IT, is a major challenge. We will see what steps need to be taken and mastered in both the journey to agile IT and in the proper adoption of the cloud.
He will share with you Lukas Klášterský, Group CTO Governance Erste Group and former CIO of Česká pojišt'ovna.

Up in the sky!

When it comes to the cloud, we are approaching a tipping point. The question has long been not whether or not the cloud will happen, but when. What was the motivation to migrate a collaboration platform to the cloud in a big bank environment, back when cloud was still almost a dirty word? What were the risks and pitfalls that had to be dealt with? And what were the cultural implications for the way the business operated?
He's going to tell us all about it Petr Benes, founder of the 6D platform and ex-CIO of Česká spořitelna and GE Money bank (Moneta). What technical and human barriers did he have to overcome when moving to the cloud? What results did his decision bring? What would he have done differently and how does he perceive the cloud perspective today? Ask yourself. He and his predecessors will be happy to answer.

At CLOUD FORUM 2019 the bubble of many myths will burst, many fundamental questions and answers will be heard and we summarise the essential facts. With practical examples and without marketing distortions.


Cloud Forum 2019 | ORBIT


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