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Workshop: Windows Virtual Desktop In a Day

Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD) needs no introduction. This one-day interactive workshop offers you a unique opportunity to get a glimpse into remote desktops and applications running in the public cloud. You'll be able to get a real-life experience of how a Windows 10 virtual desktop infrastructure works.

What are the possibilities of deployment and real use of the service Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD)? Are you interested in controlling and managing the entire environment, including user profiles and data, or are you curious about practical examples from the field?

In the interactive lab you will create your own Windows Virtual Desktop architecture, you define and create Azure Active Directory, create a master disk image of the client computer (image), and then connect to the virtual desktop. The next hands-on exercises will focus on the actual operation of virtual desktop infrastructure including monitoring, scaling and image management.

After the workshop you will have a better understanding of:

  • Windows Virtual Desktop Architecture using real-world examples
  • Choosing between a "pooled host" or "single host" virtual machine
  • Available management control plans
  • Security aspects
  • Scaling and managing client station image

But most importantly: after the workshop you will have the necessary knowledge to ensure remote working for your employees using a virtualized desktop environment. The event is therefore suitable for all IT professionals.

The workshop will take place 24 February, 17 March and 7 April 2021 from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. by videoconference on the Microsoft Teams platform. Participation is free of charge upon prior registration.

TERM 1 - 24. 2. 2021

TERM 2 - 17. 3. 2021

TERM 3 - 7 APRIL 2021


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