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Workshop: how and where to Microsoft Azure?

Also, have you lost count of how many webinars you've done in the last year? You'll probably agree that you get more out of attending when you benefit from it and when you can actively participate in the event. That's why we have prepared a practical workshop focused on effective migration to Microsoft Azure, to which we cordially invite you.

How to start a cloud journey without big investments?

The first step into Microsoft Azure is called. Solution Assessment, for which Microsoft is providing significant financial contribution. But how big? At the workshop, we will not beat around the bush for long, but we will show you what the Solution Assessment concept entails, how to get the aforementioned contribution and how to raise funds for the next stages of cloud adoption.

It's not just us talking. A representative of the company will share with us his experience from practice Movisio, which also decided to go the Solution Assessment route.

The workshop will take place March 16, 2021 from 9:00 to 11:30 a.m. by conference call on the Microsoft Teams platform. Participation is free, however after prior registration. Due to the interactive nature of the workshop, the number of places is limited.

Who is the Microsoft Azure journey workshop suitable for?

The more sentences related to your company, the more useful the workshop will be for you:

  • Are you planning to renew your on-premise infrastructure or is a licensing change in the pipeline?
  • Are you considering switching to Pay-as-you-Go services?
  • Are you thinking about the financial aspect - CAPEX -> OPEX conversion?
  • Want/need/need to go to the cloud but not sure how to do it?
  • The journey to the cloud is expensive, do you want to make it cheaper?

We look forward to seeing and hearing from you! We will advise and help to make your cloud journey she could start.

Petr Čuda
Business Development Manager
ORBIT s. r. o.
Lukas Hudecek
Cloud Architect/Consultant
ORBIT s. r. o.


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