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News from Citrix Summit 2020: today trends and visions, tomorrow routine

We've been through it and we've got a lot on our minds. The Citrix Summit 2020 conference in Orlando, Florida, offered a generous helping of presentations on virtualization, networking technologies and cloud services. If you're involved in any of this, there are a few important insights you shouldn't miss.

Vojtěch Michálek and Luboš Fábera from ORBIT were honored by the organizers with a personal invitation to the two-day prelude of the Summit called PTEC (Partner Technical Experts Council). This platform of sharing and full-fledged discussion of 150 selected certified experts with Citrix product and technical specialists stretched the conference to nutritious five days.

To list all the technological trends and innovations that were discussed during the endless marathon would exhaust us and you. So let's keep it short, all the more reason for an interesting personal conversation.


Citrix as a company is working and economically is doing extremely well. This means that it has the capacity and space to invest in the development and growth of its products - and it does. The goal is to make Citrix not just a tactical vendor and elegant bridge between the legacy world and modern technology, but more importantly long-term strategic partner of companies.


Citrix offers a multitude of cloud technology solutions, but also recognizes that the common reality will be hybrid multi-cloud environmenti.e. companies using several cloud providers, even in combination with a customer on premise environment. And that this will not be a transitional phase, but for many customers a target state.


Of the specific products, the layer is very interesting Intelligent Workspace with Micro Appsthat helps employees work efficiently and have a pleasant user experience.

Intensive development is evident in the area of SD-WAN devices for network acceleration and optimization. Not only users at branch offices will appreciate the help in communicating with the cloud environment, but the benefits within data centers and clouds are also significant.

There are many benefits for all scenarios of the hybrid multicloud technology Citrix ADC with analytics in the form of ADM. This is available for all Citrix products, not only as a security feature, but also as a sophisticated assistant for analyzing performance issues.


What else was discussed? Microsoft Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD), Citrix Cloud, Citrix Analytics and Citrix + Microsoft = Better Together. That's the entire Citrix Summit 2020 summarised by the organisers themselves.

For ORBIT customers (but not only for them) there is one more important message. Citrix wants to be the world leader in virtualization in 2025. We don't have to look to the distant horizon, as audio/video/screensharing optimizations for Microsoft Teams delivered from virtual environments are already available today.

Citrix Summit 2020 | ORBIT

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