The ORBIT story

More than three decades of gaining experience, building trust and forming exceptional DNA

Founding in Nový Jičín | 1991

  • What did the founding fathers pursue with the name ORBIT when they founded the company after the revolution? ORB as the initials of the founders and IT as information technology? Or OR as a programming language command and BIT as a unit of information?

    "B" is correct.

    However, ORBIT received the trade "IT services" at its inception. Since then, it has gone through four stages of building technological and project know-howduring which his unique DNA

Stage 1: PC Virtualization | 1995 to present

  • The ORBIT story has gained momentum thanks to the perfect use of technology WinView/WinFrame companies Citrix. Successful projects focused on PC (end station) virtualization and an increase in the number of clients resulted in establishment of the Prague office (2002).

    When later Citrix has added the technology to its portfolio Netscaler, a unique specialization in safe endpoint virtualizationwhich remains a key pillar of ORBIT to this day. Between 2005 and 2015, there was no financial institution in Central Europe in whose virtualization project ORBIT was not involved either directly or at least as a subcontractor.

    Gradually, we have also approached companies in computationally intensive industries for whom the concept is designed 3D Workplace. Most of the installations are still working and we are still managing them.

    What we're proud of:
    - Tatra banka: endpoint virtualization

    - Doosan Lentjes: virtualisation of the CAD environment
    - Société Générale: Competence centre and desktop virtualization

Stage 2: Infrastructure consolidation | 2010 to present 

Stage 3: Cloud | 2015 to present 

Stage 4: Security | 2020 to present 

The next chapters of the ORBIT story 

  • The last pillar of ORBIT has always been and will always be IT support. It makes us not just a supplier of technological know-how (cloud, security, modern workplace, IT consolidation), but a trusted partner of its customersthat we accompany with IT changes.

    We will continue to bet on strong DNA of ORBIT standing on a combination of technology, knowledge and our approach: to each other, to our customers and to our commitments.

    To continue the ORBIT story through the next stages.

We're head in the cloud, feet in the on-premise

International ORBIT projects