"The demonstrable reduction in IT TCO, the rapid distribution of new applications and the support for the change in Commercial Bank's business model were so impressive that Société Générale adopted the company's initiative and included it in its global strategy."
Robert Roemer, Programme Manager, Société Générale

Société Générale & Competence Centre | ORBIT


After the extremely convincing results of the deployment virtual desktop technology in Komerční banka was made by its majority owner, the group Société Générale, a strategic decision to distribute the successful concept to other countries. It promised to multiply the company's business opportunities, minimize operating costs and allow future development of the implemented solutions. Supplying the know-how for the establishment and management of the competence centre was awarded to ORBIT.


Société Générale now operates a competence centre. This is behind efficient and fast distribution of projects and applications in Central and Eastern Europe and Africa - from Serbia and Romania to Ghana and Madagascar. In the first stages of the implementation of ORBIT virtual desktops supported the client's professional capacity its resources - it provided training for the centre's staff and imparted consolidation and virtualisation knowledge to them.

The project also brought Société Générale the expected significant TCO reduction on IT, thus supporting the changes to the business model. Aligning the methodology enabled the company to compare results with each other projects in individual regions and to create analytical bases for performance evaluationand its branches. The successful concept has therefore become part of Société Générale's global New Desktop Genereation strategy and has brought further valuable experience to ORBIT.