"Endpoint virtualization has given Tatra banka, as an innovative leader, the opportunity to more efficiently
and more cost-effectively manage complex infrastructure and achieve other business benefits."
Juraj Spál, Project Manager, Tatra banka

Tatrabanka & Endpoint Virtualization | ORBIT


  • Endpoint virtualization for 2,800 users using Citrix technologies.
  • Centralize user management using 2,800 VirtuaControl licenses.


Tatra Bank was forced to choose a new, modern platform due to the end of support for Windows XP. Instead of switching to a more advanced desktop version of Windows, the bank opted for a strategy complete virtualization. The reason was good experience with already partially virtualized operation and better sustainability of virtualized infrastructure in the long term. The bank chose an experienced partner - ORBIT - as its project guide.


Project endpoint virtualization has set itself the goal convert to a virtual environment 80 % percent of PC users, i.e. about 2 800 employees of the central office, contact centre and local branches of Tatra banka. The implementation was preceded by a thorough mapping of the technological infrastructure, its analysis and calculation of the TCO of possible implementation options.

In the course of the project, the original demand continuously expanded. Ultimately, virtualization not only addressed the transition to the new version of Windows, but also updates to Internet Explorer, Microsoft Office and other enterprise applications. The originally designed solution's performance parameters, monitoring capabilities and security aspects were thus continuously optimised according to new requirements.

The solution was successfully deployed to the required extent over two years in four separate phases. The entire user environment is now fully managed by Tatra banka's internal IT using ORBIT VirtuaControl technology.