Let your projects shine! ORBIT at PMcon

How best to overcome obstacles in projects? This is what our Markéta Pánková and Jan Kubíček talked about with the participants of the PMcon conference with the subtitle Let your projects shine! What have they come to?

According to my colleagues who have years of experience in ORBIT and large projects not only in banking, three things are key:

  • Communication - with the project sponsor, with the client's staff, with other suppliers
  • Planning - because otherwise you might find that your movers, when transporting servers, are stopped by the police because of a technical failure and you only then start to find a backup car
  • Openness - when something happens in the project that you disagree with or have a different opinion on, you need to let key people know about it

Many nice people stopped by our booth, from IT managers to high school teachers (hello Kutná Hora) to enthusiastic project managers. And if they happened to be considering a career in IT, we gave them a helping hand with our Through the maze of career questions. Try it too.

Thank you Project Management Student Club for organizing the PMcon, inviting me and for the nice event.

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