ORBIT establishes Orbitech division

We are expanding our reach. ORBIT establishes Orbitech division with a focus on small and medium-sized businesses

ORBIT (a member of the SUDOP group), an IT consulting and advisory company that deals with cloud services, IT resource virtualization, IT consolidation and cloud compliance consulting, is expanding its operations into the segment of smaller and medium-sized companies and establishing the Orbitech division. The new division will be led by Petr Čuda, Business Development Manager at ORBIT.

"ORBIT has grown on very large and technologically demanding projects with the largest customers in the Czech and European banking market. The portfolio of our customers has gradually grown to include smaller and medium-sized companies, which require a different approach while maintaining the same quality of projects. We have therefore decided to meet the needs of these customers and build a new pillar of ORBIT with a wider coverage of technologies," says Pavel Šebera, CFO of ORBIT.

The main mission of the standalone Orbitech division will be to deliver technology projects for customers in the small and medium-sized business segment across the market. The focus of Orbitech's IT activities is based on ORBIT's offering, but will be complemented by other products and activities such as hardware delivery, networking and security products.

"We have adapted our established processes to the size of our clients. Therefore, practical and technical activities prevail over analytical activities," says Petr Čuda. He sees the skills and know-how that the new division brings from "big business" as a significant added value for Orbitech that will help its clients grow. "Orbitech will not learn business from its clients. We are a strong partner for modernizing businesses and bringing IT closer to the everyday user. Based on our experience, we modernize corporate IT and adapt it to the needs of specific users so that they like it and use it effectively. Just as we," he adds.

The pilot service for Orbitech customers is Discover365. This service focuses on the continuous adoption of the Microsoft 365 ecosystem, both among IT staff and users. Other services will soon follow, emphasising what is best for the customer - without favouring specific software and hardware vendors.

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