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"The quantified savings resulting from the data centre consolidation far exceeded our expectations. The method ORBIT has chosen to calculate them is absolutely credible to us and we see it as a guarantee of their realistic achievement."
Martin Kohl, IT Operations Manager, O2 IT Services

Consolidation of the O2 data centre | ORBIT


Data Centre of O2 is one of the the largest and most complex operations of its kind in the Czech Republic. Its operation is complex and costly, as it has been built over two decades, its administrators provide the services of 4,000 employees and look after more than 2,000 servers. Against this background, O2 commissioned ORBIT to develop a proposal that would examine feasible consolidation scenariosquantify the financial savings arising from the optimal consolidation procedure.


The initial analysis was based on the technology Densify - An extremely robust tool for collecting and evaluating data on server infrastructure performance and load. After three months of gathering information, analyzing it, discussing it with O2 representatives and identifying potential risks of proposed changes, we are creating Concept of the optimal consolidation procedure.

We propose six successive consolidation scenarios implemented over the next twelve months with a five-year horizon. If they are followed, we guarantee to achieve annual savings of 33 % in total operating costs. All this while respecting company standards and safety policies.

The focus of the savings is on reducing the cost of servicing and maintaining physical servers, a large number of license fees and electricity consumption, with total savings over the next five years exceeding 200 million CZK. A side effect of the consolidation will be to relieve the infrastructure of hundreds of unused servers and Reduction of CO2 emissions data center by tens of tons per year.

The proposal for the optimal approach to data centre consolidation was accepted by O2 management without reservation. Subsequently, tenders are called for suppliers of individual scenarios, in which ORBIT does not participate, thus demonstrating its independent consultancy partner status. Who knows, maybe the good feeling of mutual cooperation will bring them back together in a few years.