Lukáš Klášterský, ORBIT

Lukáš Klášterský becomes Director of ORBIT

Czech IT company ORBIT (member of the group SUDOP CIT), which provides consulting and implementation services in the areas of cloud, security, desktop virtualization and specialized IT services around data centers, fills the position of company director. The role will be held by Lukáš Klášterský, who has been working at ORBIT as Cloud & Digital Principal Partner.

The goal of the position is to expand ORBIT's cloud and security business and further grow the company. "In achieving the goals I will be assisted by ORBIT's unique DNA, which has long been appreciated by our customers. It's built on an exceptional team of professionals who push the boundaries of IT usage and connect the disparate worlds of cloud and on-premise," Lukáš Klášterský, Chief Executive Officer of ORBIT, comments on the change.

From 1 September 2023, Lukáš Klášterský will be primarily responsible for strategic management, service and product development, co-management of sales and marketing, including the development of cooperation within the SUDOP SCIT Group. At the same time, Lukáš Klášterský will retain his current role as Cloud & Digital Principal Partner.

Pavel Šebera (Finance & Backoffice Director), Leo Štěpán (Technical Director) and Ondřej Moudrý (Sales and Marketing Director) will continue to lead the company.

"We are confident that this change will enable us to achieve our ambitious goals, strengthen our DNA and ensure that ORBIT remains at the forefront of the IT industry. We thank all our employees for their dedication and enthusiasm and look forward to the future together as we move into the next phase of ORBIT's development," adds Pavel Šebera, Finance & Backoffice Director.

ORBIT s.r.o. is a leader in cloud services and compliance, virtual workplace, security and IT consolidation. It offers its clients services ranging from initial consulting through solution design and project implementation to ongoing IT systems management and support.

ORBIT's development is based on an original client approach, consistency and a passion for challenges. The ORBIT team is highly specialized, consistent and is built with an emphasis on the professional and personal qualities of each member. It proves that even a medium-sized company can achieve great things through ideas, enthusiasm and professionalism.

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