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Winter 2020/2021 Raiffeisenbank Czech Republic acquired Equa bank. At the same time, an absolutely unique transformation project in the Czech environment was launched, during which another 488,000 clients were to be added to the 820,000 clients of Raiffeisenbank. This is a very quick look back at our contribution.

Merger of Raiffeisenbank & Equa bank | ORBIT

Spring 2021: Raiffeisenbank infrastructure transformation

Tomáš Roubíček and his team took over responsibilities for the infrastructure stream merger of Raiffeisenbank and Equa bank. We have to ensure that RB can cope with the extraordinary morsel from a technical point of view. What did the work entail? Very briefly: 

  • managing a team of 100 people, 
  • performance tests and performance increase of RB environment (provided by Jiří Pálek), 
  • purchase and commissioning of HW and SW in data centres, 
  • preparation, operation and renewal of test environments, 
  • migration of emails, files and applications 
  • and especially the management of migration exercises and the implementation of the main migration from the perspective of IT operations and infrastructure. 

Sunday, November 13, 2022: Main Pomigratory Peak

At 14:48, the first Equa bank client connected to Raiffeisenbank's internet banking. From this moment on, we have been anxiously watching the growing load curve of the new environment. On Monday, the Approximately twice as many users as the normal peak - and everything is running smoothly. 

December 2022: "Lights out "Equa bank

Although the project of merging Raiffeisenbank and Equa bank is not yet definitively finished, we still see its result as a small Christmas present, which we gave ourselves together with great colleagues from both banks and from the supplier companies led by Vladimír Matouš, Miroslav Štepnička, Miroslav Zvrškovec and Petr Stengel. Thanks to all!