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Changes in the ORBIT management: Ondřej Moudrý becomes Chief Commercial Officer


Czech IT company ORBIT (member of the group SUDOP GROUP), which is mainly engaged in providing consulting and implementation services in the field of cloud, desktop virtualization and IT infrastructure consolidation, is changing its management. The position of Chief Commercial Officer will be newly held by Ondřej Moudrý, who previously worked as Sales Manager at ORBIT.

Ondřej Moudrý has more than 15 years of experience in consulting and management at Deepview and Deloitte. His main task will be to continue consolidating ORBIT's position as a strong and reliable cloud partner in the Central European region.

"We are facing two challenges related to border crossings. The first is related to process changes and staff development of our growing team, which currently has over 50 members. The second is the company's upcoming expansion beyond the Czech Republic," says Ondřej Moudrý, who will replace Tomáš Meštellér as CCO, who will leave ORBIT on 31 August 2022.

"It will be very challenging to follow Tomáš, given his experience and overview of trends and events on the market. On the other hand, I can benefit from the fact that ORBIT has been moving in the right direction for many years and confirms its position as a trusted partner of our clients," adds Ondřej Moudrý.

Leo Štěpán, Technical Director of ORBIT, expects that under the new business leadership ORBIT will continue to pursue its long-term strategy with cloud projects, especially in cooperation with major players such as Microsoft, Amazon and Citrix:

"Ondra's task will be to preserve and develop everything that characterizes ORBIT: an open and personal approach to clients, a relaxed yet focused working environment and, above all, reliability and professionalism in everything we do. I am confident that Ondra will succeed in both of the above challenges."

ORBIT s.r.o. is a partner for the implementation of technological change, advanced solutions and services in the field of ICT in Central and Eastern Europe. Over the years ORBIT has developed into a leader in cloud services, virtual workplace, IT consolidation and cloud compliance. It offers its clients services ranging from initial consulting through solution design and project implementation to continuous IT systems management and ongoing monitoring.

ORBIT's development is based on an original client approach, consistency and a passion for challenges. The ORBIT team is highly specialized, consistent and is built with an emphasis on the professional and personal qualities of each member. It proves that even a medium-sized company can achieve great things through ideas, enthusiasm and professionalism.

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