Communication Projects

We Have Been Seeing It for Years And It Keeps on Repeating.

The IT department invests, digitizes, creates new opportunities for business, for change, for user comfort. Despite this, expectations are way ahead of the reality. The new environment is not accepted with enthusiasm by users, the expected effects do not arrive. Why? Because of communication. What? Communication???

An abyss yawns between IT and the rest of the organization. And as it has been forming for a couple of decades, it’s really quite deep. The world of IT is specific. It has its established vocabulary and, in addition, it’s very quick to create new terms. Complicated expressions, three-letter abbreviations, code speak that only the IT crowd can understand. To give you an idea, try talking to, for example, an enthusiastic batrachologist, you’ll get the picture.

And such lack of understanding and incomprehension can, in a nutshell, cost a lot of money. And increase the general frustration from the fact that the massive investments in technology are not bringing the expected value.

Internal Communication concerning IT Projects

Professionally conducted communication is a benefit not only for a specific project. It supports the perception of IT changes, involves users in the game and significantly contributes to the success or failure of corporate strategies and corporate culture. We see it, we know it and together with us plenty of responsible IT department managers are starting to realize it.

We have built a team that is focused solely on communicating IT change projects. Our history helps us to deliver quality that a “common-or-garden communication agency” has no chance of creating. And we say this with all respect, but the world of technology is genuinely specific.

We Understand Technology

We understand the benefits of intended technological changes and we know what conditions have to be met so that the changes bring the expected effect. We can translate highly specialized IT terminology into a language humans can understand. We can recognize connections between projects the customer is realizing and find synergies.

We Understand the Target Groups

We can look at technology through users’ eyes, and get them pumped up for change. And we can measure their interest. We understand investors’ primary interest and are well aware of the circumstances that await responsible IT experts when implementing changes. We contribute to the success of IT projects and thereby an overall change in the perception of IT at a company.

We Have a Wide Range of Tools and Competences

We can supply communication projects from the preparation of communication strategy stage, to the creation of communication tools and platforms, implementation, connection with established media, management of the communication process, and measurement and assessment.

We place emphasis on playfulness and an entertaining and comprehensible form. We understand that technology is not the aim, but the means to achieve higher aims and implement the corporate vision. And that is exactly the spirit in which we approach the creation of communication projects.

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