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Experience unparalleled efficiency and agility by adopting AWS Lambda for your application development– with serverless computing, you shed the burden of server management, allowing your team to focus exclusively on writing code.

Automatic scaling ensures optimal performance, effortlessly adapting to varying workloads, while the pay-as-you-go model guarantees cost efficiency by charging only for the compute time you consume.

Elevate your development experience, streamline operations, and accelerate time-to-market with the unmatched agility and convenience of AWS Lambda.

Empower Your Applications: Diverse Use-Cases for AWS Lambda’s Dynamic Serverless Capabilities

Microservices Architecture:

Adopt a microservices architecture by implementing individual functions with AWS Lambda. Each function can represent a specific microservice, allowing you to build and deploy modular components that scale independently, promoting agility and maintainability.

Real-time File Processing:

Leverage AWS Lambda to process and analyze files in real-time, whether it’s resizing images, transcoding videos, or extracting insights from log files. Lambda’s event-driven architecture ensures immediate response to file uploads or changes.

Automated Backend Processes:

Streamline backend processes like database updates, notifications, or authentication checks using Lambda functions. Trigger these functions in response to events such as database changes, user actions, or scheduled intervals to automate routine tasks and enhance overall system efficiency.

Webhooks and API Gateway Integration:

Integrate AWS Lambda with API Gateway to create serverless APIs and handle incoming webhooks. This is ideal for scenarios where you want to expose functionality or process data from external sources without the need for traditional server infrastructure.

Image and Video Processing:

Implement image and video processing tasks, such as thumbnail generation, watermarking, or content moderation, using Lambda. Trigger functions in response to new media uploads, providing a scalable and efficient solution for media processing.

Event-Driven Automation:

Automate business processes and workflows by using Lambda to respond to events from various AWS services. Whether it’s database updates, file uploads, or user authentication, Lambda ensures that your system reacts in real-time to changes and events.

Data Transformation and ETL:

Streamline your data processing pipeline by using Lambda for Extract, Transform, Load (ETL) tasks. With Lambda, you can effortlessly transform and enrich data as it flows through various stages, ensuring efficient and scalable data processing.

IoT Data Processing:

Handle the massive volume of data generated by IoT devices in a serverless manner. AWS Lambda can process and react to incoming IoT events, such as sensor readings or device status changes, enabling real-time decision-making and automation.

Scheduled Tasks and Cron Jobs:

Execute routine tasks or cron jobs on a schedule without the need for dedicated servers. Lambda’s support for scheduled events enables you to automate regular processes, such as data backups, report generation, or system maintenance.


As an AWS partner, we deliver a transformative solution leveraging the dynamic capabilities of AWS Lambda to redefine your application development experience. By seamlessly integrating Lambda into your ecosystem, our services enable you to shift your focus entirely to code creation while we handle the intricate details of server management. Triggered by events such as file uploads or API calls, our expertly designed Lambda functions automatically scale to meet demand, ensuring optimal performance without the need for manual intervention.

Our partnership unlocks the full potential of AWS Lambda’s pay-as-you-go model, guaranteeing cost-efficient solutions that align with your unique business needs. We tailor our services to suit your preferences, promoting flexibility and a smooth transition to serverless computing. The strategic integration of AWS Lambda with other AWS services allows us to craft powerful applications, whether it’s real-time data processing, backend automation, or microservices architecture.

By choosing us as your AWS partner, you embark on a journey where innovation is prioritized, server complexities are alleviated, and your time-to-market accelerates. Experience the future of cloud computing with our expert guidance, and let AWS Lambda redefine the way you approach application development.

Martin Gavanda | ORBITWe are a team of highly specialized AWS architects certified as AWS Advanced Consulting Partners who focus on cloud modernization and security projects. We have extensive experience working with large enterprises and cloud projects in the financial sector and others.

Martin Gavanda
AWS Cloud Architect Lead @ ORBIT


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