Our Track

Once Upon a Time…

It is May 1991. Three technology enthusiasts have just decided to change their lives. They have founded ORBIT and started on the path they will be walking for the next few decades. They are driven forward by a desire to change the world and a passion for technology. Their appetite to look for completely new ways to apply technology to benefit companies and the people in them is growing.

The founders’ enthusiasm is still apparent and is the thread that knits together all the activities, forming the building blocks of the company’s DNA.

Three Is Not the Magic Number

The company grows. It attracts people who share similar ambitions and are captivated by the magic of fast-growing technology fields. The first monitoring software comes into being. It is 1993.

The first encounter with Citrix technology is ground-breaking. Nobody yet suspects how much it will influence the future of ORBIT, but terminal solutions have just received an additional dimension. We supply the first large project using Citrix technology. There are fifteen of us and the year is 1997.


The first decade of the company’s existence is crowned by obtaining Citrix Platinum Partner status. The first company in Eastern Europe to do so. We also successfully complete the first consolidation and centralization project in the banking sector. It is a forerunner of the success we will have in future years in bank and large financial institution environments.

We continue to develop monitoring systems and the first version of ORBIT’s VirtuaControl is launched. It will accompany our projects for decades.

There are 20 of us and the situation on the banking market indicates great things lie ahead.

From One Bank to Another

We work on the largest virtualization projects in Eastern Europe. Our projects influence the everyday life of hundreds of thousands of people. In the banking institutions segment we are quite dominant in terms of expertise. We are living the dream. We build a reputation that moves our operations beyond the borders of the Czech Republic. We work on projects in thirty countries around the world.

We develop our own methodology, which concentrates 20 years of experience and enables us to go from the first stage of creating concepts to adapting changes to the user and customers.

The lack of flexibility and efficiency in our customers’ data centers creates new opportunities. We expand our attention to data centers, where we win our first successes very soon. We are people, we make mistakes and thanks to them we learn to be even better. Virtualization definitively becomes not an aim, but a tool for IT flexibility, modern architecture and the digital economy.


We have completed over 200 wide-ranging projects. Our VirtuaControl software is used by more than 50,000 people. Thanks to our solutions, our clients have saved over USD 300m. On average we achieve a 30% reduction in TCO. We guarantee the financial benefits contractually.

We know how companies’ needs and expectations change over time. We provide unique solutions for the virtualization of 3D applications for the industrial sector; we bring to market unique Cirba technology for analyzing wide-ranging data. We verify options for radical VDI standardization with the possibility of price reductions of hundreds of per cent. We create the first concepts with the internal name “CloudFactory”.

We look for new approaches, technologies. We go down blind alleys, we check which concepts work and which don’t. We invest massively in building new competences.

Our customers are forced to realize brave and demanding IT projects. They are very often unsuccessful in their attempts. We think about how to change it. Communication. We perceive communication as a fundamental cause of failure and a key to success. We check the validity of our hypotheses in our work. We create a Communication Strategy product. We are building a team of professionals for communication, interpersonal relationships, coaching, online tools, PR, media. Brand new product lines are established.

There are 40 of us, we are full of experience and constantly have the appetite to change the world, a passion for technology and a desire to look for new ways to use technology in favor of companies and the people in them.